garage door spring replacement
The garage door makes a prominent part of the house facade. If you want to maintain the curb appeal of your home, it is important not to forget the garage doors. But the functionality of a garage door goes far beyond mere looks. It protects your vehicles. In most households garage doors are daily used so they are an important part of life.
This post is about the core of garage door functionality i.e. garage door springs. There are two main types of garage door springs and they are responsible for lifting and lowering the door.
As they handle the weight of the door, most of them are heavy-duty thus it is never a good idea to repair them on your own. You should always hire professionals for garage door spring replacement.
This may seem a fire hose of information about springs if you have no prior introduction to them. Let us break down the basic information about garage door springs.

Two Main Types Of Garage Door Springs

As has already been mentioned there are two main types of garage door springs. A garage door can either have torsion spring or extension spring. Torsion springs are generally used for new garage door installations. Let us look at brief details of both types of springs.
  • Torsion Springs

The simple way to tell the spring type in your garage door is to have a look at it. Close the door and look for springs above the center of the door. A torsion spring appears as a pair of springs running sideways to the door. They are attached just above the door.
 There are different variants of torsion springs available in the market. The main difference lies in their weight-bearing capacity and qualities. It is suggested to consult a reliable garage door service before installing a new door.
  • Extension Springs

If your garage door does not have torsion spring, you will see a pair of extension springs. They are attached along the door tracks on both sides. They run nearly the entire length of door tracks and allow swift operation.

Important Safety Considerations

The following are some of the most important safety considerations related to the garage door springs.
If you hear a loud snap in the garage door and then it stops moving, the door spring has been broken. opener replacement will not be the solution here. You need to hire professionals for spring replacement.
The springs are tightly wound so they are under a lot of tension. It is not safe to meddle with springs unless you are trained to do so. Mishandling of these springs can lead to vehicle damages and fatal injuries.
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