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The increase in unemployment and poverty rates due to the coronavirus pandemic has led to a rise in the threat of house thefts and robberies. It is more important now than ever to develop a good security system for your household. As garages act as storage spaces for your automobiles and other expensive belongings, getting your garage doors up to speed is an effective way to respond to the rising threat of thefts. This is where garage door service companies like Aiken Garage Doors come in handy. These companies work towards providing you with high-quality and on-time service. The question is when it is finally time to call them to do their job and replace your door. 


One of the most frequent problems with garage doors is sagging. Olden wooden garage doors are especially vulnerable to this problem. Sagging makes it increasingly for the garage door to open. Thus, it is best to replace your garage door as soon as you witness sagging. Not only will your door open more easily, but it will also look much better improving the overall structure of your house. 

Increased Noise:

Has your garage door been disrupting your peace by being extra loud? If so, it is showing signs of wear and tear. New garage doors create much less noise helping you maintain a peaceful and cozy environment at your house. We, at Aiken Garage Doors, continuously research new technology when it comes to noise reduction. If you use the doors we manufacture, there is no doubt that you will experience a significant reduction in noise. 

Slow operation:

Did you have to wait for your garage door to open completely even when you had remotely instructed it to do so since you were a mile away? This is also a sign of wear and tear. In some cases, lubrication will suffice in resolving the problem but in others, it might be more advisable to replace garage door entirely. A very commonplace reason for slow opening and closing of the garage door is a worn-out motor. Lubricating is just not enough to get a dying motor to run properly. 

Visible Damage:

Signs of rust are to be taken very seriously as they are a sign of poor overall integrity of the garage door. Alongside weakening the structure of the door, rust spots are a pathway for pests to come inside your house. Thus, it is wise to replace your garage door if you can see rust on it.


While you may be tempted to replace your garage door yourself to save money, it is best to leave it to professionals as the process is not only painstaking but also dangerous. We, at Aiken Garage Doors, are fully licensed and certified to do the job for you. You can request our services online through a simple request form or on-call with one of our agents.

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