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The garage door is an important addition to your home. An automatic garage not only looks classy but it also helps protect your stuff in a better way. For example, you can just rush to leave for the work just by clicking the close button, it will close automatically. Once you install a new garage door you need to make sure that you add it to your annual maintenance checklist. Since the garage door is the outermost part of the home it has to face a harsh environment. The following tips can help. 

Read the user manual

The maintenance and the garage door installation at Home Depot need a specific set of instructions. Any mistake during the installation process will come to haunt you back. So, make sure to get a solid grasp of the garage door basics. Although, studying the manual is exempted for the professionals. They just consult it to see if there’s a difference between their knowledge and the new product manual.  

Work in a team

The garage door installation procedure isn’t complex, but the weight of the garage door requires at least a couple of people to do it correctly. If you are installing the movement rack or any other hardware for the garage door, eventually you would need the help of another person. This is why always work in teams because a joint effort not only makes the process easy but quicker as well. 

Mark the mounting place

Once you have picked your partner and gathered relevant information from the manual it is time you put the door in its place. For that, you need to fit multiple garage door supporting parts on the walls. If you are still uncomfortable with the idea of installation by yourself, the professionals can be hired to take care of the installation. So, make a choice that suits you the best. 

Test the manual and automatic movements

Once the garage door is mounted, you have to see whether it moves the way you want to or not. You can simply make a dry run to see if there’s anything wrong with the movements. When you feel everything is right, now it is time to test the automatic side of the door. So, plug in the power and hit the button. When you are sure that the door isn’t making any strange noises or swinging motions while mounted you can proceed with fixing the door.

Do scheduled repairs timely

When you are done with the installation the next phase is easy for the newly installed garage doors. Because a new garage door might not need repair for a long time, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take care of your door. Always pay attention when it faces extremely humid or windy weather because most of the issues are related to the moisture.

A newly installed garage door brings you comfort and peace of mind but you also have to bear the responsibility to take care of it. You must keep the warranty card safe in case you need to claim it. Most of the time the basic garage door care includes basic cleaning and lubrication.

garage door cable repair

The most important thing in a house is the garage, or more specifically the garage door itself. Because of continuous usage, the garage door cable is more inclined to breaking. In order to lessen the injury, it is better to not open or close a garage door if you suspect the garage cable is broken. Common signs of a broker Garage Door Cable are, tilted door, misalignment with the surface and roof, make a rattling sound upon opening, or if the door falls violently.

Type of broken cables and their fixing

A broken cable is usually occurring because of two reasons either there is a problem with the torsion spring or the cable in the extension spring is extreme tension. Here are some techniques you can use to remedy the broken cable.

Torsion springs cable fixing

The torsion spring is located at the top of the garage door. Often, they are two in numbers, that are tightly winded up on the torsion tube. It has a shorter cable than other types of garage door spring, and it is used to reduce tension from the torsion spring. 

To repair the cable, you will need two winding bars to shift the torsion tension to the door. Afterward, you can remove the broken cables from the both sides of cable drums. To make the cable insertion easier, you can slide the track a bit. After installing cables, remove the winding bar and your door will be ready.

Extension springs cable fixing

The cable of the extension spring is in intense tension. Thus, the extension spring cable repair requires the utmost care. A single repair error can cause the entire garage door to falls. Thus, to repair the cable, make sure the place clamps on each side of the door to prevent it from falling. Afterward, you can change the cable by loosening the ‘S’ hock on the side of the cable drums. 

Before repairing the cable, make sure you have all the necessary tools ready to do the job. Additionally, wear eye and hand protective gear such as gloves and glasses.

Reasons behind a broken cable

Some common reasons that cause the cable in your garage to break are, 

  1. When the cable cord harshly rubbed, either with itself or with the cable drum.
  2. The second reason for the cable to break is the moist environment. Often the humidity causes the cable to catch rust and eventually broke because of no maintenance.
  3. People who have manual garage door roughly open and closes the door, often this rough handling causes the cable either un-wind from the cable drum or in the worst-case scenario they break.


The garage door cable repair is a laborious task. If you do not have any experience or if you haven’t done this before then it is recommended to hire garage door cable repair services. They have years of experience thus, your door will be indoor hands.

garage door installation

A garage door has immense importance when it comes to the security and functionality of your home or office. It is an essential entrance to your home. To ensure security, you should have a reliable garage door. If you’re a homeowner and are planning to install a new garage door, there are several questions you may encounter—for instance, the time limit, or the process. The process is a tricky one. There are quite many factors that affect how long a professional garage door installation would take.

The professional door installer analyses the equipment required for the installation. Then, he disassembles and removes your existing door. After removing your old garage door, new door panels will be placed. 

Secondly, the installation of tracks and rollers that moves your garage door up and down takes place—followed by attaching springs and cables to your garage door system. Finally, after checking if your door is functioning safely and smoothly, the process will end.  But, exactly how long does garage door installation take? Here are a few factors that affect how soon the installation can take place.

  • Size

Size is the biggest factor that affects the installation process. Larger doors take more time than small ones. However, building a new door is the quickest way. Depending majorly on the size of your door this can be done in less than 3 hours.

  • Replacing an Old Opener

One of the basic factors depends on whether you’re replacing an old opener or installing a new one. When your door is in its place, and you’re considering placing a new one of the same size and type, the installation will be quick. For a door that is 16’, roughly takes 3-4 hours.

When you replace, you’re already available with existing support that holds the door. You don’t have to waste time installing new support fixings. However, never use old wirings. They are less effective and worn out.

  • Weather

Weather also plays an important role. Consider going through the weather forecast before calling a professional. Bad weather conditions can slow up the process. To avoid any hurdles on the day of installation, try knowing the weather first. An experienced worker will make sure to keep all these issues in mind and install a garage door efficiently.


Poor functioning garage doors can fail to protect your home. The process of installing a new garage door depends on a variety of factors. The process can either take a few hours or a day. One Important thing is the capability of the door installer. If you hire a professional that works effectively and smartly, the process will end soon. However, a non-professional will generally take more time.

When you work with a professional garage door installer, chances are the installation will complete in a few hours or a day maximum. By working carefully on a well-prepared area, a professional can remove your garage door and install a new one very easily and in less time.

To prevent the longing of the process, make sure you get in touch with a professional door installer. They’ll do their job safely, and more importantly, faster.

garage door installation north augusta

Life can be tough, but if we plan it properly and organize it step by step, we can win over it. So, if you are building a house and looking for garage door installation, there are things that you must be careful before hiring anyone for it. Yes, there are many companies with their best of the offers, however, you need to do your research to ensure that you are not just falling for the words. They are professionals with expertise.

Now, the following are important factors for anyone seeking professional commercial garage door installation services. It is essential to keep it in mind and stay aware of the scams and frauds by all means.

Important Factors of Garage Door Installation Services

  • Get through the reviews

Check out the reviews and also ask for recommendations from trustworthy people. Moreover, if you can reach out to the previous customers, there is nothing better than that. So, try to keep check out the reviews and always ask questions.

  • Request for the quotes

Talk about the quotes and decide on the price before you hire the company. You can request or the quotes even when you are just searching for the company. Explain the details and the type of gate installation services you are looking for, then ask them the pricing details and save it for the reference.

  • Ask questions

Ask as many questions as you can. Always dig deeper into their license, registration, and the standard policy. Moreover, you need to check their portfolio to ensure that they are offering the same services you are looking for.

  • Check important information

Check for the important details. People often hire these companies in a hurry and forget to check for the crucial details. Don’t repeat the mistake and take the time in knowing their work and professionalism of the services. Visit their office, check the website, talk to a company representative, as about the doors they have been installing. Don’t skip any questions you have in mind. 

  • Watch out for any red flags

We are human beings and hoping for the best is the ultimate strategy in many situations. Well, hiring a company for garage door installation should not rely on the hope only, so look out for the red flags. It can about excessive advertising, many different company names and you may not feel right while dealing with them. Just don’t hire such companies that have no authenticity.

Final Thoughts

So, while you are looking for the garage door installation, Aiken Garage doors can be the best for North Augusta, an overhead door installation service. They have professional training along with the knowledge of the latest trends. They can guide you and also help you in staying in the market trend without worrying about the investment for the door once again. All you need is to contact and start asking the right questions to get the services you expect.

garage door repair company aiken sc

These days any homeowner cannot imagine its life without the garage. We all have come to this point majorly because garages now serve to be the extension of a house where a lot of important things are stored, which don’t find their space inside the house. Hence, this also raises the need for keeping the garage door fixed and working well at all times.

However, as trouble is bound to happen sooner or later, a lot of us end up trying to find the best company for garage door repair. But do you know there are certain tips to make that happen? If you are not aware or even partly aware then there is still nothing to worry about as we have got you 7 tips to keep in mind when hiring a Garage Door Repair Company in Aiken SC.

Tips for Garage Door Repairing


First up, you wouldn’t want an inexperienced company to touch your garage door and therefore it is important that you inquire the contractor about their experience within the industry and not only rely on the number of years that can easily be found on the company’s website as well. The better the experience, the more professional their team would be.


These days a lot of decisions are supposed to be made on social media. This is because when you go through the review section of any company’s social media outlet, you will get to know how they have dealt with their past customers and whether they are worth hiring or not.


Good garage door repair service companies also offer you references for your own satisfaction. This is because they know if they have done a great job and the customer would be satisfied upon listening to the experience of any past customer, he or she would come back to them.


With garages becoming more and more advanced, it is equally important for any garage door company to have all the necessary equipment to deal with complicated repair jobs. So, it is your job to find one that has enough tools to deal with any situation.


We are talking about license and insurance that majorly helps in ensuring that you are hiring the right professional garage door repair service team and of course, can serve to be of great help for there is any negligence by the contractor’s site and the insurance plan covers up for any unnecessary expense.


You need to go for a contractor that should offer you the best value for money even in case of emergency scenarios as well. So, always get the estimate beforehand and then compare it with competitors for a better decision.

SOP for Working Under COVID-19

While this is relatively a new requirement but it is here to stay. You should make sure that the contractor is following the given SOP by the state to work as a garage door repair expert for your own and resident’s safety.