garage door installation

A garage door has immense importance when it comes to the security and functionality of your home or office. It is an essential entrance to your home. To ensure security, you should have a reliable garage door. If you’re a homeowner and are planning to install a new garage door, there are several questions you may encounter—for instance, the time limit, or the process. The process is a tricky one. There are quite many factors that affect how long a professional garage door installation would take.

The professional door installer analyses the equipment required for the installation. Then, he disassembles and removes your existing door. After removing your old garage door, new door panels will be placed. 

Secondly, the installation of tracks and rollers that moves your garage door up and down takes place—followed by attaching springs and cables to your garage door system. Finally, after checking if your door is functioning safely and smoothly, the process will end.  But, exactly how long does garage door installation take? Here are a few factors that affect how soon the installation can take place.

  • Size

Size is the biggest factor that affects the installation process. Larger doors take more time than small ones. However, building a new door is the quickest way. Depending majorly on the size of your door this can be done in less than 3 hours.

  • Replacing an Old Opener

One of the basic factors depends on whether you’re replacing an old opener or installing a new one. When your door is in its place, and you’re considering placing a new one of the same size and type, the installation will be quick. For a door that is 16’, roughly takes 3-4 hours.

When you replace, you’re already available with existing support that holds the door. You don’t have to waste time installing new support fixings. However, never use old wirings. They are less effective and worn out.

  • Weather

Weather also plays an important role. Consider going through the weather forecast before calling a professional. Bad weather conditions can slow up the process. To avoid any hurdles on the day of installation, try knowing the weather first. An experienced worker will make sure to keep all these issues in mind and install a garage door efficiently.


Poor functioning garage doors can fail to protect your home. The process of installing a new garage door depends on a variety of factors. The process can either take a few hours or a day. One Important thing is the capability of the door installer. If you hire a professional that works effectively and smartly, the process will end soon. However, a non-professional will generally take more time.

When you work with a professional garage door installer, chances are the installation will complete in a few hours or a day maximum. By working carefully on a well-prepared area, a professional can remove your garage door and install a new one very easily and in less time.

To prevent the longing of the process, make sure you get in touch with a professional door installer. They’ll do their job safely, and more importantly, faster.

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