Best Garage Door Repair

Do you know who is the most workaholic at your home? Your garage door, who is working in and out day and night, multiple times of a day. Your garage door suffers from wear and tear and needs repair from time to time. The best part is, you can DIY your garage door repair efficiently.

Every task needs some special skills to be performed. So, this is the case for this repair. The basic equipment you need for garage door repair is: Wrench set, Hammer, Tape measure, Cables and Pliers. Perfect equipment, the right tips and tricks, and a focused person can do wonders to the garage door. Here are some useful tips to repair your garage door by yourself.

Some Useful Tips To Repair Your Garage Door

Assess The Problem:

Assess the real problem by thoroughly inspecting your door. Check its manufacturing date and calculate if your garage door needs repair or replacement. Accurate identification of the issue makes it easy for you to bring the related equipment and make strategies for repair.

Examining Sensors And Remotes:

If your garage door is creating problems in proper opening and closing, you are more likely to have an error in door sensors or sensor remotes. Check the wiring of door sensors. Also analyze if they are in their original position or not. If they aren’t, fix them in a straight position. Next, check if they are dirty and if yes, then wipe out the dirt and debris using a microfiber cloth.

Fix Rattling:

Rattling and Cluttering is the most common fault in a garage door. In other words, your door is producing more noise than usual. This indicates wore out nuts, bolts and clamps. There are two solutions to it according to the situation: Either fix the bolts and tighten the nuts or change the clamps.


Lubricants are liquid materials reducing frictional force between two surfaces. Your garage door may require force to slide or move. The cause is reduced lubricant. Even rattling can be caused due to this reason. White lithium grease is preferred for lubricating the connecting points of the door such as hinges. Avoid using it on nylon fibers. This lubricant is in the form of spray and can be used generously on metal rollers as well.


One simple step of the garage door repair is cleaning. Dirt, fibers, and debris is by far the enemies of garage doors making them look worn out, and creating problems in its function. Take a microfiber cloth and wipe out its hinges, metallic rollers, and nuts to make it dirt-free.

Repair Water Leakage:

Astragal is used as a weather seal and it can be damaged after a certain time span as well as by animals such as rodents. Breaking weather seal causes water leakage. It can be repaired by refreshing the U-shaped weather seal. Check the size of the astragal and position it where required.


In case of emergency, one should have the tips and tricks to get his way out of such conditions. The garage door is the protection of the house and needs immediate repair. This is why DIY repair must be learned and practiced.

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