garage door installation

The garage door is an important addition to your home. An automatic garage not only looks classy but it also helps protect your stuff in a better way. For example, you can just rush to leave for the work just by clicking the close button, it will close automatically. Once you install a new garage door you need to make sure that you add it to your annual maintenance checklist. Since the garage door is the outermost part of the home it has to face a harsh environment. The following tips can help. 

Read the user manual

The maintenance and the garage door installation at Home Depot need a specific set of instructions. Any mistake during the installation process will come to haunt you back. So, make sure to get a solid grasp of the garage door basics. Although, studying the manual is exempted for the professionals. They just consult it to see if there’s a difference between their knowledge and the new product manual.  

Work in a team

The garage door installation procedure isn’t complex, but the weight of the garage door requires at least a couple of people to do it correctly. If you are installing the movement rack or any other hardware for the garage door, eventually you would need the help of another person. This is why always work in teams because a joint effort not only makes the process easy but quicker as well. 

Mark the mounting place

Once you have picked your partner and gathered relevant information from the manual it is time you put the door in its place. For that, you need to fit multiple garage door supporting parts on the walls. If you are still uncomfortable with the idea of installation by yourself, the professionals can be hired to take care of the installation. So, make a choice that suits you the best. 

Test the manual and automatic movements

Once the garage door is mounted, you have to see whether it moves the way you want to or not. You can simply make a dry run to see if there’s anything wrong with the movements. When you feel everything is right, now it is time to test the automatic side of the door. So, plug in the power and hit the button. When you are sure that the door isn’t making any strange noises or swinging motions while mounted you can proceed with fixing the door.

Do scheduled repairs timely

When you are done with the installation the next phase is easy for the newly installed garage doors. Because a new garage door might not need repair for a long time, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take care of your door. Always pay attention when it faces extremely humid or windy weather because most of the issues are related to the moisture.

A newly installed garage door brings you comfort and peace of mind but you also have to bear the responsibility to take care of it. You must keep the warranty card safe in case you need to claim it. Most of the time the basic garage door care includes basic cleaning and lubrication.

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